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About BananaStudio

BananaStudio was founded by three software engineers from switzerland. The goal behind this team is to produce useful tools/apps for everyone. If you're interested that we could develop a website or a software for you, feel free to contact us.

So why it's called BananaStudio? The answer is very simple. Bananas are awesome. They're just awesome.

Please be patient, new content is coming soon. We're just a little busy at the moment.


You're searching for a team, that makes you a professional, cheap website? You found it.


The BananaStudio team makes the most beautiful apps. You ever thinked about one?

client tools

Of course we develop also client tools. You say what you want, we do it. It's that simple.


Check out our free software, for example a billsharing website or a shoppinglist app.

Contact team BananaStudio

Feel free to email us to ask for a service or just to say hello!